Well Child Schedule

Parents often want to know what the typical schedule is for well child exams. While the schedule somewhat follows the immunization schedule, there are well child visits at which no immunizations are given. The schedule is designed so that infants are seen often during critical periods of growth and development and at times there are higher risks of disease.

In addition to an assessment of growth and development and a physical exam, there are also periodic screening tests performed at well child visits, including urinalysis, blood count, vision and hearing tests.

Here is the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care.

Below is the typical schedule for well child visits, along with the typical services performed at that visit. Your particular child's schedule may vary.

AgeImmunizations?Other Tests
0-2 weeksnomay need to repeat state metabolic screening test
1 monthnonot usually
2 monthsyesnone
4 monthsyesnone
6 monthsyesnone
9 monthsnoblood count
12 monthsyesnone
15 monthsyesnone
18 monthsyesnone
2 yearsnosometimes
3 yearsnosometimes
4 years3 booster shots given sometime between 4-6 yearurine, sometimes blood count
5 years3 booster shots given sometime between 4-6 yearsurine, blood count, vision and hearing
6 years3 booster shots given sometime between 4-6 yearssometimes
every 2 yearssometimessometimes

After 6 years of age, well child visits should be done at least every 2 years. Some parents wish to have physicals every year, which is fine. However, some insurance plans do not cover annual exams after age 5. Check with your insurance plan prior to scheduling well child visits after age 5. Children involved in sports and other physical activities may require annual sports physicals for participation.


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