Immunizations Schedule

Immunizations are an important part of keeping young children healthy. Unfortunately, keeping up with the schedule can be confusing, particularly since it changes periodically, and new vaccines and combinations of vaccines are constantly being developed. Your child's particular immunization schedule will depend on the particular combinations and sequence of previous vaccines.

Here is the latest vaccination schedule based on the CDC.

There are a few constants that may help you keep track of your child's schedule:

  1. Your child's schedule of well-child visits does not change based on the immunization schedule. The appropriate vaccines are given at each well-child visit.
  2. Shots are given at most of the physicals between ages 2 months and 18 months.
  3. The primary vaccine series will be completed by 18 months of age. After that, only 3 booster shots are needed between ages 4-6 years.

The immunization schedule is developed based on extensive research on the optimal timing and spacing of vaccine doses to give maximal intensity and duration of immune system response and protection from disease. Recommendations and guidelines on vaccines are developed by the medical and public health communities and are revised annually and as needed.

Below is the recommended vaccine schedule at ABC Pediatrics, considering the combination vaccines we currently use.

0-1 monthHep B #1, RSV
2 monthsDTaP, IPV, Hep B # 2, HIB, Prevnar, Rotavirus
4 monthsDTaP, IPV, HIB, Prevnar, Rotavirus
6 monthsDTaP, IPV, Prevnar, Rotavirus
9 monthsHep B # 3
12 monthsMMR, Varicella, Hep A, PCV
15 monthsHIB, Dtap
18 monthsHep A
2 yearsCatch up on any missing doses
3 yearsCatch up on any missing doses
4-6 yearsMMR, IPV, DTaP boosters, VCV
11-12 yearsTdap, Menactra, HPV
16 yearsMCV Booster
YearlyInfluenza vaccine yearly (in the Fall) age 6months through adult

More details regarding immunizations and schedules can be found on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.



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